Who We Are And What We Do

Pipeline Performance Group, LLC is a global Human Factors and pipeline operations consulting company.  Formed in 2008, after several meetings at a small coffee shop in Kennesaw, Georgia, Pipeline Performance Group expanded to hundreds of projects with over 90 companies.

Our unique team consists of consultants with diverse backgrounds in pipeline construction, operations, management, training, corporate safety, Human Factors engineering, auditing, investigations, corporate events and health and wellness.

We are the only Human Factors consulting company that applies practical pipeline shift work experience, control room management and consulting experience with doctoral qualifications in Human Factors to the development of control room management strategies, pipeline Human Factors consulting and fatigue risk management programs.

We have partnered with over 90 companies in their control centers on many different Control Room Management (CRM) and fatigue risk management projects.  We have performed more than 225 workload assessments and have established industry benchmarks for controller workload and task percentages.

Our Customers

In the past 10 years, Pipeline Performance Group has

  • Developed/Improved 29 CRM plans, with additional CRM plans under review
  • Conducted 225 workload assessments in 85 control rooms since 2010 with industry benchmarks
  • Developed task-specific operating procedures and/or evaluated procedure programs
  • Developed job descriptions and job performance criteria
  • Performed Human Factors, safety culture, and organizational assessments of control rooms
  • Worked with pipeline operations on safety-related and organizational improvements
  • Provided Human Factors, incident analysis, and communications training for pipelines
  • Developed and conducted training programs for American, Australian, Canadian, and Chinese pipelines
  • Served on the API committee that developed the first edition of API RP 1167 for alarm management
  • Reviewed and commented on the second edition of API RP 1168 for CRM
  • Serving on the API committee that is revising the next edition of API RP 1165 for SCADA HMI


Control Room Management (CRM), Controller Workload and Training presentations at:   the API Pipeline Conference, the API Control Room Forum, the SGA Gas Control Roundtable, the AGA Operations Conference, the MEA Operations Conference, the Western Regional Gas Conference, and the Pipeliners Club of Atlanta.

Fatigue Risk Management Systems in US Pipeline Control Rooms at the 9th International Conference on Managing Fatigue in Perth, Australia.

CRM Workshop for EUCI in 2014 and webinar for EUCI in 2015.

Guest Speaker on Team Training for Pipeliners Podcast: Episode 21.


Six articles related to Control Room Management (CRM) in The Pipeline and Gas Journal (2009-2018).  Among those articles are Control Room Team Training – Creating a Culture of Pipeline Safety and Communication and Control Rooms: Mandated Training for Controllers.


Pipeliners Are Human, an Introduction to Human Factors

Dirty Dozen Causes of Errors and Accidents

Designing Highly Effective SCADA Human Machine Interfaces,

Health and Fitness for Shiftworkers.


Our Customers

  • Regional, State, and Local Utilities

  • US and Canadian Pipeline Companies

  • Global Integrated Energy Companies

  • Natural Gas Companies

  • Refineries

Pipeline Performance Group has assisted Suncor Pipelines in improving our CRM plan and provided constructive feedback where potential gaps are identified. Their Compliance Assurance Solutions services keeps our CRM team focused and on schedule for meeting our regulatory compliance tasks and gap closure items. Their knowledge and expertise in a broad range of subject matter expert fields helps support our CRM plan and operational excellence management system.

Valane Krieger | Suncor Energy Control Centre Supervisor