Human Factors and Pipeline Operations

Pipeline Performance Group, LLC is a global Human Factors consulting company. We work on projects related to control rooms for hazardous liquids and natural gas pipelines.

Pipeline Performance Group, LLC is the only Human Factors consulting company that applies practical pipeline shift work experience, control room management and consulting experience with doctoral qualifications in Human Factors to the development of Control Room Management (CRM) strategies, Human Factors and organizational improvement, and controller fatigue risk management programs.

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Training, Procedures and Education

Pipeline Performance Group develops and evaluates procedures, job descriptions and job performance criteria for controller tasks. We provide specialized training in several different areas, including Team Resource Management (TRM) and Non-Technical Skills for Control Room Teams and Pipeliners, Control Room Management (CRM) and Fatigue Management.

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Fatigue Risk Management

Pipeline Performance Group provides review and advice on shift schedules, using fatigue modeling software. Our fatigue management classroom training and educational materials include an annual “managing fatigue” calendar and monthly articles.

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Human Factors and Organizational Improvement

Human Factors consulting is provided in the development of new control rooms or evaluation of existing control rooms. Our evaluations include control room ergonomics, environmental and safety culture factors.

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Control Room Management

CRM services include the development, evaluation and implementation of CRM plans. We have partnered with over 80 companies on a large range of Control Room Management items including over 210 workload assessments since 2010.

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