Fatigue Risk Management

Fatigue Risk Management Systems

Fatigue Risk Management Systems – assessment, development and facilitation using hazard analysis software.

Shift Schedules

Pipeline Performance Group reviews and advises on shift schedules, using fatigue modeling software. Partner with Interdynamics Pty. Ltd, the providers of FAID™ and other software for fatigue risk management.

Fatigue Management Training

We develop and deliver fatigue management training and educational materials. Developed and delivered fatigue management classroom training and

Fatigue Management Educational Materials

Developed alertness exercises and other fatigue countermeasures for practical use in control rooms.  Have created educational materials, including an annual “managing fatigue” calendar and monthly articles.


Customer Companies


Control Rooms Visited


Workload Assessments Performed


CRM Plans Developed/Improved

Pipeline Performance Group has assisted Suncor Pipelines in improving our CRM plan and provided constructive feedback where potential gaps are identified. Their Compliance Assurance Solutions services keeps our CRM team focused and on schedule for meeting our regulatory compliance tasks and gap closure items. Their knowledge and expertise in a broad range of subject matter expert fields helps support our CRM plan and operational excellence management system.

Valane Krieger | Suncor Energy Control Centre Supervisor
Training, Procedures and Education
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Fatigue Risk Management
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