Webinar: Session 8 of The Filthy 15 Causes of Errors and Accidents

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As we in the pipeline industry experience major disruptions to our personal and work routines, it is important to continue an emphasis on error prevention, pipeline safety, Control Room Management, and operational excellence.   

Pipeline Performance Group LLC has developed a program about “The Filthy 15 Causes of Errors and Accidents.” In this series of free webinars, this will be Session #8, touching on the topics of Lack of Resources & Lack of Teamwork. This will be presented on Tuesday, July 7 at 11:30 am EST and will last for 30 minutes. 

Charles Alday will be the presenter and will use stories, pipeline examples, accident information, and human factors information in the webinars. So far in this series of Filthy 15 webinars, Charles has presented a general introduction to the Filthy 15, and has addressed Lack of Awareness, Lack of Knowledge, Norms (and New Norms), Lack of Assertiveness, Lack of Communication, Complacency, Distractions, Stress, Fatigue, the Inability to Admit Limitations, and Lack of Professionalism  – and why understanding the Filthy 15 is useful to help front line employees and management prevent and manage errors.

Our last webinar on July 14th will cover the topics of Lack of Operational Integrity and Pressure.

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