Training, Education and Procedures

Pipeline Performance Group develops and evaluates procedures, job descriptions and job performance criteria for controller tasks. We provide training in several different areas, including Control Room Management (CRM), Team Resource Management (TRM) and Fatigue Management. Please contact us to discuss the best training format for your team, whether classroom-style, remote interactive or online learning.

Training and Education

Pipeline Performance Group develops and delivers company specific training programs. We have developed training programs and administered training for American, Canadian and Chinese pipelines.

We offer the following four hour training programs:

  • “Pipeliners Are Human” – an introduction to human factors
  • “Managing Fatigue”
  • “Professionalism in Operations Communications”
  • “Organizational Learning and Incident Analysis”
  • “Teamwork and Leadership Skills in Operations”
  • “Control Room Management”
  • “The Filthy Fifteen Causes of Errors and Accidents”

We offer the following eight hour training programs:

  • “Pipeliners Are Human – An Introduction to Human Factors in Pipeline”
  • “Team Resource Management and Non-Technical Skills for Control Room Teams and Pipeliners”

Custom training programs are also available, including basic and advanced courses for pipeline operations and maintenance employees.  All programs include a presentation and materials for participants.

Procedure Development

Pipeline Performance Group has developed task-specific standard operating procedures for control rooms and field operations, backup SCADA tests, evacuation plans, point to point tests, and alarm management. We have also evaluated the existing procedure programs.

Global Forums

Pipeline Performance Group develops and facilitates meetings and workshops.

Subject Matter Expert Speakers

Our subject matter experts are available for the following topics:

  • Control Room Management
  • Controller Workload
  • Human Factors Assessments
  • Fatigue Risk Management
  • Health and Fitness for Shiftworkers
  • Lessons Learned Programs
  • Human Factors in Control Room Design
  • Alarm Management
  • Team Resource Management
  • SCADA HMI Usability

Control Room Management Plans & Audit Assistance

Controller Workload & Human Factors Assessments

Fatigue Risk Management

Training, Education & Procedures

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