Fatigue Risk Management

Pipeline Performance Group focuses on Control Room Management (CRM) programs for oil and gas pipeline control rooms. An integral component of all Control Room Management programs is Fatigue Risk Management. We develop Fatigue Risk Management Systems that include training and education on fatigue risk management. Companies provide our annual Managing Fatigue calendars and monthly articles to Shiftworkers in order to have regular, ongoing reminders about how to mitigate fatigue on and off the job.

Fatigue Risk Management Systems

Fatigue Risk Management Systems – assessment, development and facilitation using hazard analysis software.

Shift Schedules

Pipeline Performance Group reviews and advises on shift schedules, using fatigue modeling software. Partner with Interdynamics Pty. Ltd, the providers of FAID™ and other software for fatigue risk management.

Fatigue Management Training

We develop and deliver fatigue management educational materials and deliver both classroom and computer-based training courses.

Fatigue Management Educational Materials

Developed alertness exercises and other fatigue countermeasures for practical use in control rooms.  Have created educational materials, including an annual “managing fatigue” calendar and monthly articles.

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April 11, 2019

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