Human Factors & Organizational Improvement

Human Factors consulting is provided in the development of new control rooms or evaluation of existing control rooms. Our evaluations include control room ergonomics, environmental and safety culture factors.

Control Room Design and Evaluation

Control Room Design and Evaluation – assessment, development and facilitation. The Control Center is the heart of the daily operations for a Pipeline company. A clean, organized, and healthy working environment makes for satisfied controllers, who take pride in their work and personally invest themselves in their company’s success. Our human factors experts at Pipeline Performance Group start with reviewing the existing conditions in the control room and make a professional assessment of the following: Lighting, Ergonomics, Air Flow, Cleanliness, Seating, Computer Screens, Room Temperature, Noise Levels, Workstation Layout. Pipeline Performance Group performs human factors assessments of control room ergonomic, environmental and spatial factors. We provide specific improvements, based on scientific principles, which will have an immediate effect on a controller’s satisfaction. The ergonomic and work environment enhancements contribute to the overall pipeline safety and productivity, which have long-term positive effects on the bottom line. We develop control center design criteria and layout assistance for updated control rooms.

SCADA User Interfaces – Evaluation and Design

The ability of controllers to effectively scan, interpret and respond to SCADA displays is contingent on the layout and format of the displays. Our experts at Pipeline Performance Group conduct evaluations of SCADA HMI displays provide clear and integrated information to controllers. We provide specific recommendations for format improvements.

Pipeline Performance Group human factors experts facilitate in developing display guidelines and standards for SCADA displays in control rooms. We follow a controller center design process to understand design requirements and mock up design wireframes.

Our services include:

  • Development of procedures for backup SCADA tests, evacuation plans, point to point tests and alarm management.
  • Facilitate alarm management plan implementation and reviews.
  • Develop Design Philosophy and Design Style Guides for SCADA displays in control rooms.
  • Conduct HMI Gap Analysis against API RP 1165 and API RP 1167.

Organizational and Safety Culture Assessments

Pipeline Performance Group works to improve safety-related and organizational conditions by conducting organizational and safety culture assessments.

Control Room Management Plans & Audit Assistance

Human Factors & Organizational Improvement

Fatigue Risk Management

Training, Education & Procedures

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