Creating Your Sleep Sanctuary

Summer is the time of year when many of us plan a vacation in the hopes of catching up on much needed rest and relaxation. The change of scenery, absence of daily responsibilities, and the beauty of serene surroundings all contribute to our ability to unwind and exhale. We expect the lodging we’ve chosen to be clean and comfortable, greatly contributing to our ability to rest.

What about your own home? Is your bedroom designed to be a sleep sanctuary? Is your bedroom a distraction-free zone where you can relax and sleep peacefully?

Psychology Today reports, March 9, 2019, that clutter creates excessive visual stimuli which tells our brains that our work is not done. This often leads to feelings of anxiety and guilt. Clutter affects our ability to focus. It also affects our ability to fully relax.

The working world can be very hectic. Keeping things in order is challenging, but is definitely worth the effort. Maybe it’s time for you to evaluate what you can do to make your room the sleep sanctuary that you will look forward to resting in every night. Even a few upgrades can make a drab, cluttered room feel more luxurious.

Since we spend about one third of our lives sleeping, it makes sense to invest in this critically important area of our homes. The mattress is the foundation of a good night’s sleep. Choose a quality mattress that supports your back and feels comfortable. Cover your mattress with soft cotton sheets. Some people prefer silk or bamboo because of their ability to help keep the body cool.

A cool, well-ventilated room is important to a restful night’s sleep. Fans can be helpful for keeping cool and comfy on warm nights. A more moderate temperature is appropriate if the weather is cold. You certainly don’t want your body working hard to maintain its optimal temperature.

Keeping technology out of the bedroom is ideal. This may be difficult, but your brain can begin to unwind if you choose to read a book rather than look at an electronic device. The light and barrage of messages from devices only serves to stimulate the brain.

Make it your daily habit to remove and organize papers and other items that create clutter. Keep your floor clear and clean to avoid falls. Hang clothes in the closet and toss dirty ones into the hamper. Your mind and body will be able to rest better in a tidy environment.

Did you know color affects your mood and your level of relaxation? Neutral tones are pleasing to the eye. Blue is a cool, calming color and can actually help lower your blood pressure. Green is another relaxing hue because of its connection with nature. Both blue and green surroundings create an atmosphere of tranquility.

Finally, you can make your room a sanctuary with calming scents like lavender or chamomile. Try lavender essential oil sprays or diffusers to relax your muscles and calm your central nervous system.  Implement one or more of these suggestions to create your own sleep sanctuary and rest well tonight.

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