Control Room Management

Control Room Management (CRM) Plans

Pipeline Performance Group has developed 20 CRM plans, has evaluated and/or evaluating another 20 CRM plans, and are currently assisting with rewrites and improvements in those we evaluated. In addition, we have assisted companies in their audit preparation. Several of these CRM plans have already successfully complied with a PHMSA inspection. As part of our workload assessment process, we have reviewed over 70 additional CRM plans.

Controller Workload Assessments

Pipeline Performance Group has performed over 210 workload assessments in over 80 control rooms since 2010 with industry benchmarks for workload and task percentages. We assess the content and volume of general activity being directed at the controllers. The final report will include specific recommendations regarding the current workload on the console, and whether controllers have sufficient time to analyze and react to incoming alarms. Our workload assessments are developed to satisfy PHMSA regulatory requirements 195.446(e)(5) and 192.631(e)(5) in pipeline, natural gas and refinery control rooms.

Compliance Assurance Solutions

Pipeline Performance Group consultants provide assistance with the ongoing PHMSA Control Room Management (CRM) Plan compliance requirements throughout the year. Assistance may be provided both onsite and offsite via telephone and email to determine whether and help ensure that compliance records are completed. Services may include:

  • Reminders of, and assistance with, ongoing compliance requirements
  • Identification of any deficiencies and a plan to address them
  • Assistance with the correction of deficiencies
  • Review of deviations from the CRM Plan
  • Ongoing instructions and coaching on improving the CRM Plan
  • Lessons learned from CRM inspections when PHMSA publishes results

Alarm Management Assessment, Development and Facilitation

Alarm Management is the most crucial safety procedure that Controllers perform during abnormal and emergency operations. Their timely and appropriate response to an alarm ensures the proper execution of Pipeline operations. Our human factors experts at Pipeline Performance Group conduct a formal audit of your alarm configurations and alarm response standard operating procedures. We will work with you to clearly assess the alarms, define their functions with the correct response to those alarms. Additionally, we will address the alarm descriptions, the frequency of their use and the impact on the controller during normal, abnormal, and emergency operations.


Workload Assessments Performed


Control Rooms Visited


CRM Plans Developed/Improved


Customer Companies

NCRA and Jayhawk Pipeline have been working with Pipeline Performance Group almost since the inception of the CRM final rule. They performed their business in a professional and courteous manner along with being very pleasant to work with. The process Pipeline Performance Group used when rewriting our CRM Plan included engaging and educating our supervisors and managers in a manner that gained their respect. We look forward to using their services in the future.

James Wilson, CSP | Transportation Services, Regulatory Compliance Manager
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