Fatigue Risk Management

Fatigue Risk Management Systems

Fatigue Risk Management Systems – assessment, development and facilitation using hazard analysis software.

Shift Schedules

Pipeline Performance Group reviews and advises on shift schedules, using fatigue modeling software. Partner with Interdynamics Pty. Ltd, the providers of FAID™ and other software for fatigue risk management.

Fatigue Management Training

We develop and deliver fatigue management educational materials and deliver both classroom and computer-based training courses.

Fatigue Management Educational Materials

Developed alertness exercises and other fatigue countermeasures for practical use in control rooms.  Have created educational materials, including an annual “managing fatigue” calendar and monthly articles.


CRM Plans Developed/Improved


Workload Assessments Performed


Customer Companies


Control Rooms Visited

NCRA and Jayhawk Pipeline have been working with Pipeline Performance Group almost since the inception of the CRM final rule. They performed their business in a professional and courteous manner along with being very pleasant to work with. The process Pipeline Performance Group used when rewriting our CRM Plan included engaging and educating our supervisors and managers in a manner that gained their respect. We look forward to using their services in the future.

James Wilson, CSP | Transportation Services, Regulatory Compliance Manager
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Fatigue Risk Management
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