Fatigue Training and Education

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Fatigue Training and Education

Our Pipeline Performance Group team has developed a classroom-style fatigue management training course which addresses all of the subjects that PHMSA states should be covered in the FAQs and inspection guidance.  The attached chart in the link below lists how the subjects are covered in our monthly articles that have been provided via e-mail beginning in 2011.  If you are one of our clients who has hosted our classroom training and/or have used the calendars or articles as training tools, this form can be used during an inspection to demonstrate compliance.

If you use some other type of fatigue training course and/or other fatigue educational materials, we recommend that you evaluate the course and materials to ensure that the items in the FAQs and inspection guidance are covered.

If you are interested in our training programs or compliance assistance, contact us!

Fatigue Training and Education Covered Subjects

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